I need some assistance with these assignment. an analysis of gualinto’s role in george washington gomez, a novel by americo paredes Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. an analysis of gualinto’s role in george washington gomez, a novel by americo paredes Thank you in advance for the help! The primary character is George Washington Gomez. Born in the 21st century, Gomez was seen as a popular hero in Mexico. People around him started seeing his great future from an early age. They knew that Gomez would grow into a great and outspoken man. Similarly, he also had a rebelling nature- a nature which his folks and other people believed would be of significance in America.

George plays the character of Gualinto in the novel. Ever since he was a small boy, he developed in unfriendly surroundings. His fellow Mexicans did not receive fair treatment from Americans. It goes way back to his past generation. Those were turbulent times because people used to take their possessions by force.

Clearly, Gualinto’s generation had undergone turbulence in the past while living in Texas. This is evident when his uncle, Feliciano, rages out their terrible past experiences in their current area of residence, which is present in Texas. Feliciano goes on to explain the challenging times that wouldn’t allow them to own anything. Everything belonged to the Americans, from land, buildings, to other significant assets. Feliciano’s great grandparents were alive to witness the bad incidences back then.

Generally, Feliciano’s nephew, Gualinto, had a big role to play in the novel. On the same note, below is an analysis of Gualinto’s role in George Washington Gomez, a novel by Americo Paredes:

He Brings Out the Essence of Attending School to Benefit from Education in a Challenging Environment

Gualinto grew to witness a world where Mexicans were no more than low-class citizens. Moreover, times in school were also challenging. Teachers used to harass and cane Mexican students in school mercilessly. Some of Gualintos school friends couldn’t take the mistreatments just to pursue education. As such, they didn’t see education to have any meaning, which opted for them to drop out of education.

However, Gualinto’s experience with his family and loved ones was different. Gualintos people supported him to prevent the boy from leaving school like the other children. For this cause, they insisted that Gualinto should carry on with his studies to the end. Looking at their lives, the Gualintos family knew that he needed the education to survive in a harsh world. That was the only way in which he would become a successful person who would, in turn, assist his family. Thus, the boy had no other choice than to continue schooling. However, he had no inner peace. He conflicted about how education would help him to become a great man in society. All the same, his conflicting thoughts didn’t prevent him from fighting hard, especially after seeing that all his friends left school. Gualinto’s uncle helped him to become a family figure of high esteem, just like his father had envisioned it.

His Role Depicts that Dreams after School can Be Realized even in Hard Times

The character grew up in Jonesville, Texas. The history of his family gives him an idea of the challenges that people go through in life. Other than allowing the trials to define him, they shape him and give him a good reason to live. He believes that one day, he will be great. Gualinto’s parents also believed that their boy was meant to succeed in helping his people.&nbsp. However, the path to accomplishment was not a smooth walk as he might have expected. The character’s walk on the lofty way that is in front is a struggle.

Gualinto’s Role Brings Out the Help of People in Achieving Success

As much as Gualinto’s journey to greatness was not easy, he realized it. His uncle, Feliciano, tasked himself to provide for Gualinto. He joins politics to pave the way for Gualinto to achieve his dream. He goes with the main intention of providing an atmosphere that was stable for Gualinto. In an ironic sense, Feliciano isn’t impressed by Gualintos adult life. He develops negative ideas of the resistance of the Mexicans, at large. Feliciano acts on the essence that Gualinto doesn’t intend to help the Mexicans. Feliciano’s efforts were what made Gualinto a successful person. Ideally, Feliciano’s emphasis on education and his support, altogether, shaped Gualinto into what the man he is.

Dreams are Realized when There’s Money

One would agree that it would have been almost impossible for Gualinto to achieve his dreams, had it not been for the financial support of Feliciano. Primarily, Gualintos uncle ensured that there was enough money for his upkeep. In their time, Mexican-Americans were poor, while most of them worked dead-end jobs. According to Feliciano, ensuring that Gualinto achieved his dreams was his most extraordinary venture. Feliciano’s primary intent was to realize Gumersindo’s wish. Bearing in mind that goals have increased odds of becoming a reality when one has money, Feliciano endeavored to do what it takes to generate enough money.

It Takes the Success for Another Man for One to Make it in Life

Initially, the uncle could not go with Lupe to Mexico, since he had to keep his words to Gualintos father. Subsequently, he remained and relocated to Jonesville. Feliciano steered towards several ranks in the socioeconomic world. From a bartender,&nbsp. Feliciano quickly joins the political field where he gathers a considerable amount of votes. More to it, he opens a store, which generates a significant part of his riches.

Although he wasn’t rich when he first began, Feliciano’s attempts to make ends meet were evident. In essence, Feliciano and his family survived through the storm because Gualinto’s father had not saved all their money in a bank. All that and more, Feliciano does to guarantee Gualinto a good life.

A Father Figure has a Big Impact on the Life of a Man

Other than ensuring that Gualinto attended school and became sensible, Feliciano is more reasons why Gualinto becomes successful. In essence, Feliciano never had a family of his own. As such, all Feliciano’s quality time and money were invested into Gualinto like his own. Despite his derailing performance in school, Feliciano’s endurance ensured that Gualinto finished his studies all the way to law school. In senior high,&nbsp. Gualinto was among the five Mexicans who continued to go to school. From the time Gualinto was coming of age, Feliciano acknowledged the relevance of learning in his life. Perhaps Gualintos life would be meaningless, had Gualinto not stepped in. In short, the man saw that the boy had it all to finish school.

Gualinto Brings Out the Aspect of Ungrateful People in the Society

Guinto was not the grateful type of person, as one would expect. Even though Feliciano stepped in as his father, Gualinto didn’t show much appreciation to the man. In most cases, Gualinto never appreciated Feliciano’s determination to go out of his way to make him satisfied. Gualinto had a nagging and unappreciative nature. Moreover, he claimed that Feliciano wasn’t doing everything he could to make them rich like the Osuna’s. In the same light, he did not see or appreciate Felicianos struggles to give them what they had. Regardless of his relative’s ungrateful nature, Feliciano carried on to play the role of a father in his life. Moreover, he reminds him never to feel embarrassed about where he came from and his background.

Aspect of Hatred and a Struggle to Fit in is Depicted in the Story

Gualinto found it hard to agree on anything with his place in the governmental office. At some point, Gualinto joins a school that had Americans and Mexicans. Regardless of the efforts of the man to befriend them, his frustration towards them becomes hard to suppress. The utterances of Gualinto to a certain tree gives an idea of how he felt towards people who acted like riches. For instance, Gualinto brings up their acts of assassinating innocent people.

Despite his confusion, his uncle did everything necessary to tame the young man. Feliciano was indebted to Gualintos father. He swore to keep the truth from Gualinto of how his father passed on. He held the commitment to honor the wish of the dying man. According to Feliciano, Gualinto wouldn’t understand at his age. More to it, concealing the truth about himself and Gumersindo was one of the most extraordinary sacrifices that Feliciano made for Gualinto. The truth of the matter is, whether Gualinto develops to appreciate the Mexican heritage or not is for later discussion. What’s vital is that Gualinto owes the man he has grown into the man who went out of his way to give him everything- Feliciano’s tireless efforts.

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