I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Self-Esteem and Conformity. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Self-Esteem and Conformity. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. This research will begin with the statement that self-esteem is the way that an individual perceives self physically, emotionally and socially. Self esteem is an integral part of an individual’s identity and it determines the development of personality and character. Self esteem is influenced by various aspects in people’s daily lives and they all contribute in part, to the development of an individual’s perception about self. Self esteem is built around people’s abilities, strengths and weaknesses, which all culminate to determine the how a person is perceived by self and others around them in society. Factors that directly or indirectly influence ability have impacts whether positive or negative on these features, and affect the self esteem of a person. People are known to protect their self esteem by avoiding situations and circumstances that challenge or try to diminish their self esteem. Conformity is the act of changing or accepting other ideas, principles and behavior that are not original part of self. This is in the sense that a person is forced or willingly adapts to other ideas, principles and behaviors that were originally not a part of their identity. Conformity is associated to identity, and to self esteem to some extent. Solomon Asch is famous researcher who first conducted what is now commonly referred to as the “Solomon Asch Experiment”. In this experiment, he was able to demonstrate that conformity took place at all levels of existence. His experiment involved testing how individuals in separate groups perceived different lines of varying length and thickness. The experiment showed that the experimental group changed their earlier perceptions in line with the control group. This showed that people were open to manipulation with regard to their perceptions if the right influence and motivators were used. With regard to self esteem, conformity can be construed to be a major factor that affects the way that people perceive self and others in society. Self esteem is based on personal belief systems that help individuals define who they are to self and others around them in society. Conformity on the other hand delves into factors that lead to changes that play a crucial factor in determining a person’s identity and character. Conformity poses a threat to self esteem because it involves changing an individual’s belief systems. When a person’s belief systems are exposed to factors that have the potential to change them in either the positive or negative, a person’s psyche is programmed to resist these changes. Conformity is an influential force that has an effect on self esteem depending on whether this influence is high, low or medium. Self esteem is also regarded in terms of high, medium or low, and each category has its effects on both the individual and the society. For the purposes of determining whether self esteem has a direct effect on conformity, a research study was designed to test this hypothesis. This was because after a review of previous research studies that have been previously conducted, the research team found a gap in the explanation why there existed conformers and non-conformers. To better understand the relationship between self esteem and conformity a research study was formulated to investigate the relationship between conformity and self esteem. It was discovered that there is a lot of practical experience and knowledge that could be gained from this experiment. The information garnered from this experiment can be applied in all areas of everyday life. Self esteem is significantly affected by the way things are presented to a person, and the way they deal with the situation.

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