How Does Priestley Present the Inspector as an Unusual Policeman in Act One? The inspector is presented since unusual simply by his personality, conduct and expressed views. Throughout the action, Priestley makes the Inspector declare and do things that an target audience would not expect of a conventional policeman. A standard policeman can be polite and professional. We would expect an Inspector to get discrete in the work as to prevent causing complications or attracting undue focus at the case and wrongdoings of the Birlings. He should be sensitive thus he doesn't offend anyone. A normal inspector would take suspects to the station and follow more conventional policing methods. The Inspector is not like normally the one described previously mentioned. His personality is judgemental and this individual expresses opinions on the functions of others. The moment Sheila bursts out about the girls becoming people and not simply " affordable labour”, the Inspector shows his agreement as he says " I've had that notion by time to time”. Here he passes judgement on the way Birling treats his workers simply by suggesting that they are described as objects so often that he only remembers they are people a few of the time. In this manner, the Inspector criticizes Mr Birling's firing of Avoi and makes his feel accountable. This is not the role of the inspector. This individual should be locating things out by asking questions and taking answers relevant to the situation, not speaking his mind on social matters and making potential foods regret their very own actions simply by telling these people they've done wrong. The Inspector's hostility makes him unusual. Rather than conducting the investigation within a respectful method, he requires the household by surprise and intimidates them with a vivid description of Eva's death – " burned her inside out”. He shocks these this information to get their attention and make the think understand the severity of events. This is successful as he makes Eric exclaim involuntarily, demonstrating how the Inspector wields the strength of knowledge which he can employ over these people. Knowing points that...


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