How Sir Arthur Conan Doyle creates incertidumbre in the Account " The Speckled Band”

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle builds up puzzle in the account ‘The Speckled Band” in numerous different techniques.

One of the ways that Doyle generates suspense over the story through weaving in several red herrings into the story. The reader thinks one thing even though the story twists at the end and reveals anything completely different. As an example, the moment Miss Stoner's sister passes away and makes mention of the a ‘Band”, the reader automatically assumes a ‘band of people'. Possibly Watson refers to a band of people, leading the reader to instantaneously consider the gypsies when actually they have not do with the crime.

the way in which that Mr Doyle creates the character types helps build suspense in the story. he portrays Sherlock's character being a wise guy who is peaceful and appropriated. Whilst producing Dr Roylott character, an agressive, tough and a sinister one. He also portrays Helen Stoner as a timid character who is scared of her father and is also constantly at risk to losing her life. the stark contrast in all with the characters creates a tense and compelling ambiance.

An additional method, by which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle produces suspense in the story through making the characters provide all the facts " Pray be Exact as to Detail” (page 153) but doesnt give away any clues concerning how or perhaps why the incident happened. As an example, the moment Helen asked about her sister's death, Sherlock holmes didnt claim a word leading the reader to consider possible reasons behind death. This kind of engages someone and also introduces mis-information in the story. The reader would believe someone (ie: the gypsies) or a thing had induced the death of Helen's sister.

Once Conan Doyle writes his stories, he gives all of them a quick alter of atmosphere. A chapetr begins which has a relaxed feeling which all of a sudden becomes anxious and active. An example, can be when Sherlock and Watson are waiting in Helen's place. The atmosphere is relatively relaxed and...


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