The Importance of Reputation,


Everyone is responsible for their own standing. Many people do believe a popularity can make the best of you, while others could strongly don't agree. In Shakespeare's novel, Othello, the main villain, Iago, frequently express that his reputation is important to him. Yet , he represents just some of the various characters who care an excellent deed about their reputation. Various other characters just like Desdemona and Othello as well demonstrate a top regard for his or her reputations. However, it is because of the importance of reputation in the novel that Iago, who has a good reputation, is able to manipulate others, cause the destruction more reputation and cause many deaths. Resulting from Iago's regular concern to get his reputation paranoia and impulsive courses of action had been used to maintain a good reputation.

In the novel Iago proves in several ways that which has a great standing comes an excellent deed of trust, he displays this by manipulating others. Roderigo was helplessly in love with Desdemona and once your woman was committed he suffered a great heartbreak. In make an effort to try and win over Desdemona's love Roderigo required advice coming from Iago, because he is seen as a respectable and trust worthy man, to put money in his pocket also to buy a large number of gifts for Desdemona. Every single day thou daff'st me with a few de-

vice, Iago, and rather, as it seems to me now,

Keep'st from myself all conveniency that suppliest me

While using least advantage of hope. I will indeed simply no

Longer withstand it. Nor am I but persuaded to place up

In peace what already I possess foolishly endured (Shakespeare, IV, ii, 206- 211).

This kind of allowed Iago to use Roderigo and his funds to advance his plan instead of truly helping Roderigo with his problem. Iago also uses his honest reputation to seem like a kind gentleman simply wanting to commemorate the General's marriage once in reality he can using it to cause Cassio to two

get inebriated. " Um, they are our friends! But a single cup; Items...

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