Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic The use of internet as an educational tool.

Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic The use of internet as an educational tool. Full The Use of Internet as an Educational Tool Technology rightly receives the reputation for making teaching and learning tasks for both teachers and students. The availability of computers to students is one thing and internet connection is another thing that has escalated the ease of research works in this high-technology world. However, the question raised these days is if the internet is really helping the students in their studies or is making a negative impact that is making them worse learners. It is then the thesis of this paper to look into this consideration to see how helpful or destructive the internet is when it comes to education. Speaking of ease when it comes to the availability of materials to teachers and students, it is indeed obviously seen that the internet is a great help with just one click of a button. Compared to researching using books, it takes a longer period of time for a student to look for resources as well as the subject matter while the internet will just allow an individual a few minutes or even seconds to locate what he wants. In addition, a wide variety of information can be available with just one computer connected to the internet whereas, the use of books demands a person to find complete information from different books which could not be available in only one library. The price of books usually limits the information available to students which in contrast is not true to the internet. The truth is, almost all information from the internet is free and the source of which is from all parts of the world. On the other hand, such ease brings along with it a problem that could be destructive to the education of a person. Since the internet is full of every kind of information readily available, one could not really check all the accuracy of all these information. The vast array of information also can give a difficult task for teachers to verify in cases like researches. Along with this problem is the fact of plagiarism committed with the easy access to information. In this regard, the challenge will be in the shoulders of educators to do their best to sift all information that students can get from the internet. One solution could be to give specific Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) for students to use, meaning, the teachers themselves visited the site and read all its contents. Of course this would be an additional task for them but it would be worth the sacrifice when one is more concerned with quality education offered than the work required. Then there is the problem of plagiarism for school papers. Copying from the internet is a great temptation to students which is not a foreign thing in the education department. Internet links might be available to verify submitted information from students but like any other method, one can never be so sure of its effectiveness. In this regard, it might be a good idea not to do away with library books as resources to be demanded from students for their paper works. The use of internet is undeniably a useful tool for education but brings along with it advantages and disadvantages. However, to every problem, they say, there is always a solution. Thus, it would be the task of educators to watch these disadvantages and find the solutions like what were mentioned earlier. The advantages are great as well and it would be unfair not to recognize the better education the internet brings to the modern learner. As all things have advantages and disadvantages, so it is with the internet so then, it is left to an individual how he would use this powerful tool to his education.

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