Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Company profile and initial analysis of a given case study.

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Company profile and initial analysis of a given case study. The basic motto of the organization is to expose the struggles and war damages or impacts, occurring down the ages. The company primarily tries to integrate the consequences created by modern wars and ‘wartime experience’ within the displays of its museums. However, the company focuses primarily on the cars of Britain. The five museums of the company are IWM London, Greater Manchester, IWM North in Trafford, the Churchill War Rooms in Whitehall, IWM Duxford near Cambridge and the ship of Belfast that is fastened in the Pool of London in the Thames River. The company’s mission claims that “Our vision is to be a leader in developing and communicating a deeper understanding of the causes, course and consequences of war” (IWM, 2013a) It is found that though, presently, there are no living survivors of First World War in U.K., yet the war has managed to leave a strong impression on the culture and heritage of the country. It is found that in most of the U.K. communities, building monuments or memorials are practiced widely in order to pay respect and remember the great lives which have been sacrificed during the World Wars. An artistic view on wars surfaced right after personalities like, Rupert Brooke and Wilfred Owen, had started to write poems on wars. At this juncture, IWM had analyzed that the centenary of the First World War can turn out to be a promising opportunity for its business growth and help the business by augmenting reputation, profile and brand value in the market as well as its market position. The company has undertaken the decision of opening new First World War galleries in its IWM London museum. However, this project, which is expected to be accomplished by 2014, requires a lot of funding. Approximately ?35 million has already been accumulated by the company from donations and Heritage Lottery Grant. In addition, about ?5 million has been granted by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, in 2012 to the company for financing this project (IWM, 2013b). However, the company requires more funds for backing the project. It has introduced the First World War Centenary Partnership Programme in order to acquire pre-digital asset collections and historical information. Through this partnership programme, the company desires to attract millions of users and donators across the world towards its project. It is believed by them that such a project would surely augment its brand value in the market compared to its competitors. Competitor Analysis The organization of Stoke-on-Trent Museums serves a strong competition to other museum owners in the market. The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery is an organization that owns the leading museum in Britain. The combination of place and products are expressed in the museum of the company through its exquisite displays. The quests of the museum, unlike the museums of IWM, are not charged. The museum has achieved several awards and accolades from millions of pottery and art lovers in the country. Individuals in U.K. and across the world visit this museum to explore the brilliantly displayed history of potteries in this museum. The exhibitions of the museum change almost regularly and thus, the visitors have a new experience, every time that they visit.

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