Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic The Sovereign Community and the Future of Public Administration.

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic The Sovereign Community and the Future of Public Administration. The sovereign community is defined by (Montague Bernard, The Neutrality of Great Britain during the American Civil War) “as primarily a definition of a sovereign state. We mean a community of number of persons permanently organized under a sovereign government of their own, and by a sovereign government we mean a government, however constituted, which exercises the power of making and enforcing law within a community, and is not itself subject to any superior government. These two factors, the one positive, the other negative, the exercise of power and the absence of superior control, compose the notion of sovereignty and are essential to it (Henry Maine, International Law).” Political science defines sovereignty as an essential of the state to be self-sufficient within the frame of a certain territory. This allows its supremacy in domestic policy and independence in foreign policy. Sovereignty has frequently been misused over the decades. Until the 19th century, the term was used to determine that certain peoples in the world were “uncivilized” and lacking organized societies. Sovereignty or the lack thereof was used as a term denoting inferior character when compared to “civilized” peoples.“There exists perhaps no conception the meaning of which it was introduced into political science until the present day, has never had a meaning which was universally agreed upon (Lassa Oppenheim).”

Sovereignty has taken on many different meanings with the development of self-determination and prohibiting the threat of force against modern international law. The UN Charter, the Declaration of Rights and Duties of States, and the charters of regional international organizations feel that all states are judicially equal and have the same rights and duties based upon the fact of their mere existence as people under international law. The right of any nation to determine their own political status and sovereignty within the boundaries of their territorial jurisdictions is widely recognized. The word nation refers to a people who share common customs, origins and history. however, national and international frequently refer to matters of the sovereign states as in national capital and international law. However, state refers to governing and supportive institutions that have “sovereignty” or control over a defined territory and population. Currently the international community consists of more than 200 sovereign states or countries and the United Nations represents most. The member’s states form a system that takes into account the behavior of the other states in making decisions. Using this point of view, the states participating in the international system face both internal and external security. The concept of the international community has established rules, procedures, and institutions that effect the conduct of their relations. This establishes a foundation for international law, diplomacy, formal regimes and organizations. Public administration is a form of organized rules that implement government policy, and an academic discipline that studies the policies and prepares civil servants for the work. The fundamental goal is to further management and policies so that the government can function.

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