Hi, need to submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Company Finance, Takeovers, and Mergers.

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Company Finance, Takeovers, and Mergers.

The amount of organizational takeovers and company mergers has been considered a standard measure of the level of economic development. In most cases, company takeovers have been associated with incidents of job cuts, but this is a challenge that has been overlooked owing to the fact that the overall long term economic benefits surpass this challenge, especially when the company that has been taken over performs poorly (Morse, 2009). In this regard, company takeovers do not necessarily benefit the specific companies, but also the society as a whole.

Research indicates that when performing an organizational takeover, care should be taken to ensure that the legal and ethical norms guiding this activity are not violated (Morse, 2009). This report will entail the analysis of a case study involving Home and Personal Care Products, which is a parental company that took over a prestigious Fragrance Company. The discussion will specifically identify the challenges faced by the Company’s Finance manager, Lisa as she attempts to solve the challenges she identified in the takeover process as well as ethical issues identified.

&nbsp.&nbsp. Ethical Issues

Effects on Employees’ Jobs

When companies undertake takeovers, it is evident that some of the employees within the companies that have been acquired may experience job cut-offs, while others may be subjected to demotion in the sense that their companies will have to be part of a larger company. In the case of Lisa, one ethical issue that faces her as she attempts to challenges the existing policies as well as procedures of the acquired company is the fact that the job position of the acquired company’s financial controller, Mr. Anderson has been affected. Mr. Anderson has worked in the Fragrance Company for the last 12 years and has worked hard for his promotions. However, when his company was acquired by the Home and Personal Care Product, this meant that he will be subjected to working in a smaller branch, rather than the larger company he used to work in.

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