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8.2 8.29 8.39 8.40 ALLIED HEALTH Identify the solute and solvent in solutions composed of the following:a. heliox, a breathing gas that is 79% He and 21% 02 for patients who have difficultybreathingb. Children’s Tylenol® oral suspension, containing 160 mg acetaminophen per 5 g ofwaterc. a tincture containing a small amount of an herbal remedy dissolved in alcoholALLIED HEALTH How manygrams of KCl must be added towater to create 5.0 L of an0.020 M KCl electrolyte solution? ALLIED HEALTH How many liters of a 0.15% (m/v) KC] IV solution can be prepared from 2.0 L of a 1.0% (in/v) stock solution?ALLIED HEALTH How many liters of half-normal saline 1V solution with a concentration of 0.45% (m/v) can be prepared from 1.0 L of a 9.0% (m/v) stock solution?