Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on the benefits of universal healthcare plan for the united states Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on the benefits of universal healthcare plan for the united states Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! American Medical Women’s Association has come up with one of the better definitions of the term: “Access to health care should not be linked to a person’s employment, place of residence, sex, age, marital status, or health status. Health care should be available to all persons on the basis of medical need rather than financial ability or employer contracts.” (Brown et al, 918-919) A universal system of health care is considered the most optimistic way out for the healthcare crisis in America. Under this system the government becomes responsible for repayment of almost all the services offered by the health practitioners in clinics and hospitals. It is believed that this system would give everyone a chance at health insurance and provide significant cost savings if related administrative expenses could be reduced. This end could be achieved by promoting preventive medicine. Also required would be universally available electronic medical records (Diamond, 921). On the other hand, many people are opposed to the idea of Universal Healthcare and consider it an impractical ideal that can’t be achieved. The biggest reason perhaps is that historically government bureaus have been known to become difficult and over-bearing rather consistently. It can also be argued that just because a person has access to preventive healthcare education, it doesn’t mean that they will adhere to its guiding principles. so there is a huge potential for costs going rampant. And lastly, the single-payer health system can put a huge toll on the quality of healthcare, something American will not be willing to put up with (Diamond, 921). Many people believe that despite all of its good intentions of “healthcare for all”, the current health reform movement is not the best method of achieving the desirable objective of universal health coverage as it is government controlled. History is witness that governments just aren’t prepared to do this job. It is argued that once the government gets the power to rule over the practice of medicine, it would signify the end of medical profession as known to mankind. Simply put, those against universal healthcare are afraid that it will bring a humiliating end to the best medical care in the world (Diamond, 922). It is commonly believed that health insurance cannot make healthcare more accessible in the United States. It cannot make people adhere to their recommended therapies, nor can it convince people to get to their doctor’s appointments on time. It can also be argued that medical problems are almost always a part of the bigger picture. A person’s health issues can be related to the conditions prevalent in the society. And universal healthcare may not be the solution at all if pregnant women remain ignorant of the advantages of prenatal care, and if asthma patients neglect to take their inhalers on time. It would indeed be better to educate and change people’s perception of health care and medical professionals. It would also be beneficial if the risk factors are weeded out of society so people can be healthier and more receptive to healthcare in case they do need it. We must stop people from smoking and educate them on the disadvantages of eating an unhealthy diet. The fact of the matter is that universal health coverage and medical advice will not have any effect no matter how strictly implemented.

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