Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on john paul dejoria and his accomplishments Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on john paul dejoria and his accomplishments Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! While he was still in twenties his wife died leaving a son behind whom John had to now take care of. John tried in everything and all sorts of Jobs, but his luck charmed bell rung when he met Mitchells another US individual. Together they worked to bring on revolutions in history of hair color solutions. Their strategy worked so well that today John Paul sells his products internationally in more than 90,000 salons. According to (Forbes 2011), he is worth US$4 billion. And Visionary of the Year Award (October 2009). John is one the great nationals of America today, with a generous donator, he has won numerous awards. Today all magazines recognize him as one of the millionaires. Sender’s Name April 22, 2011 John Paul Dejoria and his accomplishments&nbsp. Living a luxurious life, with 90 hair products sold in 90,000 hair salons all across the United States plus an annual retailing topping $ 600 million, is the guy who worked hard to make the rages to riches story. John Paul Dejoria is a US citizen who holds prestige in being categorized as one of the True Global Citizen that moves on from a no way citizen to someone who owns riches equivalent to millionaires today. Early life and Education He was born as the second son to an Italian family, the family which immigrated from Greek to Italy. He marked the history of the Echo park neighborhood of California with his birth on the April 13th, 1944. Belonging to a family who separated when he was the 2 yrs old, he was thought as any other regular child. It was not but the age of nine that he started selling cards and news papers to support his family financially. Sometime later his mother felt that she won’t be able to provide for the family, so John Paul along with his brother were sent to their foster home. The real learning of this son of the immigrant parents from Italy and Greece was hard work and consistent determination to work for his goals in life. Since beginning John Paul and his brother had to live a life of tiresome work and sleepless nights. John Paul and his brother would have to get up at three in the morning to deliver the folded newspaper as their part time job during studies for sake of support for family’s financial wellbeing. At a really early age he had to spend time in the company of East Los Angeles’ street gangs. He then had to enroll in the U.S. Naval Reserve still being a student of high school then went on to join the Navy. However, his efforts worked against the thoughts for financial betterment. However, as life would have it a brief marriage left John Dejoria a single parent with a young son to support. Then he resort to different jobs trying to make ends meet with no particular correlations in the jobs he was handling. He did everything from the pumping of the gas, repairing of the bicycles, working as a salesman for encyclopedias, dictating machines, photocopying machines and even selling life insurance. It was harder for Dejoria and he still was having a rough time. As Oprah Winfrey puts beautifully “I’ve learned that you can’t have all and do all at the same time.” (O Magazine, April 2003). Because of his early twenties he was like as many other adults who consider asking help from others disrespect in their self esteem. This resulted in him being broke on many occasions. However, he was willing to give it all those days he was collecting Coke bottles and cans to fund them in for a few pennies at the to buy cereal, macaroni, potatoes, rice, and cheese or canned soup.

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