Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Qualitative Methods in Business. It needs to be at least 2000 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Qualitative Methods in Business. It needs to be at least 2000 words. These research methods are applied in almost every field of study but their implementation in the field of business management and marketing is slightly more. For testing and analyzing quality measures, this research method plays a vital role and its significance holds prestigious supremacy. In research methods, qualitative measures provide essential information which eventually helps in the formation of a hypothesis. It has given a new sphere and horizon to the field of business management and development process in refining these techniques more is taking place (Hair, Celsi and Page, 2011). Following are some of the renowned qualitative research method approaches along with the comparison and debate with projective techniques. Their significance in business administration and usage is discussed with a conclusion to get an exact idea about the implementation and implication of these research methods and projective techniques in the mode of studies. Focus Groups To examine the impact of a product or service in the market, a focus group session is the most recognized technique. Focus group is basically a qualitative set of methodology in which people from diverse backgrounds are invited and a discussion session takes place. The discussion session is controlled by a moderator. In focus groups, the diversity of individuals is the name of the game.

(Blumberg & Schindler, 2008). (Lewis & Saunders, 2009) demonstrate that the implication of this research method is widely done in almost all major modes of studies. This gives a horizon that what actually people think. Focus group participants can vary from research to research. For instance to check out the performance of a car, focus group discussion takes place. The panel members in this discussion would be product manufacturing engineers, consumers, analysts, journalist, market gurus, and future potential customers. Their depiction of thoughts will be the quintessence of this discussion. Moderator will ask certain focused research-based questions from the panel members. Members upon their respective turn will present their views. The proposition of this tactic is mostly done in the subject of psychology, sociology, marketing and its sub-branches, human resources management, etc. Market Surveys To get the concrete picture about the thinking of consumers, market surveys act as the backbone. It has vast implication and is done in approximately research work. Market surveys provide the various ideas of people about a product, service or any other issue. People from diverse backgrounds provide their review about a certain product or service. They also bluntly demonstrate that what are the shortcomings and plus points of the product. Their representation of nonfragmented thoughts makes this research technique powerful. Literate, illiterate- all consumers present their ideas clearly (Eriksson & Kovalainen, 2008). Market surveys are done in all the capacities to check out the positioning of a product or service. For instance, to check out the impact of a certain mobile phone among users and customers, cell phone market survey will be done&nbsp.which will give deep insight about what consumers think of it.

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