Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Main Character of The Moment Before the Gun Went Off. It needs to be at least 750 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Main Character of The Moment Before the Gun Went Off. It needs to be at least 750 words. What you have to understand, in any case, is that Marmaris Van der Vyver is a protagonist, an Afrikaner rancher. He isn’t excessively open, he prefers keeping his feelings wreathing underneath him, and underneath his quiet stance, he gets very anxious, and sometimes timid and empathetic.

As the reader turns on the pages in the book, attempting to get a handle on The Main Character of The Moment Before The Gun Went Off, their preliminary judgment about Marmaris before long changes with the acknowledgment of the way that he is, indeed, a good individual on a fundamental level and that the shooting was simply unintentional. A shooting that costs him his homestead and his dear boy.

Also, the book acquaints you with other players, for example, his wife, his kids, Beetge, who is the Captain, Lucas, mother to Lucas, his wife, and his kids. Other characters (secondary) in this story are there to fortify how Van der Vyver re-counts what had occurred during the lethal mishap.

Was the shooting purely coincidental? All things considered, indeed, it was. This occurrence has been well illustrated, and we can see that it has profoundly affected Van der Vyver. He is intensely moved by the shooting of Lucas. At first, Van der Vyver appeared to be very unconcerned about this who fiasco leveled against him to the point that the reader starts to associate him liable of shooting an individual deliberately. Nonetheless, as the story unfurls, the reader will understand who Van der Vyver is.

One thing you need to understand is that this man laments everything that happened. But how? Well, the author discloses to us that following the occurrence, he goes to the police himself and reports the shooting, carrying the killed boy to his hands.

He records a statement to the police, all while being vulnerable from what had happened. This very well draws out his sensitivity where the essayist says that this big and calmly nurtured child of Willem Van der Vyver, the man was crying and shaking while he is giving his declaration to the police.

This occurrence at the police station is an eye open for the reader in that he can get a handle on that der is everything except for an awful man. Actually, he has a bunch of attractive traits, for instance, he is a respectable party member. To add to that, he is also courteous. What’s more, previously mentioned, he is bashful. And keeping in mind that this can’t be supposed to be a positive character to the amiable attitude of the man, it tells a great deal. By what means can a timid individual end up being a cold-blooded killer? Indeed, the essayist relates that when he was a little fellow, each time he saw you grinning at him, he would flee.

As the reader peruses on, one thing he can see is that all characters of Van der Vyver make him a genuinely affable man. The essayist builds up the qualities of Van der Vyver in the story in a way that is extraordinarily supreme, with each turning of the pages.

Let’s trace our steps back to the beginning, where it all happened, when the author initially presented this man’s character, we get an impression about him that he is a killer! In any case, later on, as we peruse more of the book, the writer demonstrates that this man is really genuine and way honest.

Toward the start, it is so natural for the reader to pass judgment on the character given the unfortunate circumstance we are acquainted with, where Van der Vyver has quite recently shot his worker. On the off chance that he says it was a mishap, nobody would believe him. Contingent upon the understanding of the information given, the reader may really preclude that Van der Vyver is as liable as charged. Later on in the story, the reader will, before long, understand that Van der Vyver is a decent individual and that what occurred with Lucas was an unadulterated mishap. The lesson of the story is that it isn’t right to pass a decision dependent on things look or show up.


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