Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Gender Roles in advertising. It needs to be at least 1500 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Gender Roles in advertising. It needs to be at least 1500 words. In other words, the cultural breakdown is a symbolism of media that currently lacks restraint in its promotion of important goals and objectives that are helpful to humanity (Adorno & Horkheimer 57). It, therefore, proves hard to find the close relationship between the essence of feminism to encourage the girl-child and making targets for increased profits. Despite the negative events that presently dominate the media in distorting and redefining gender norms to favor corporate firms, a new wave of internet activism tries to debunk these notions to bring ethics and responsibility in information dissemination. Advertising and gender roles have a close relationship in promoting the sale of goods and services while using a vibrant media. This has been attained through the consistent reinforcement of gender norms. It begins by examining the role of gender norms in business especially with the proliferation of various media such as TV, internet and radio among others. It, therefore, allows the culture industry to thrive based on significant enlightenment because it explores morals and values found within a capitalist economy (Carroll 145). However, while Adorno and Horkheimer condemn the culture industry that has denied society the visibility of gender roles in terms of denying men and women freedom and responsibility, other pertinent factors still emerge. For example, media sources through advertising depict women as beautiful to affirm the notion that sexiness sells particularly when used in billboards, television and the internet.

Additionally, the representation of bodies of both men and women evokes sexuality as an interesting game vital in generating more viewers that often translates to increased sales. The trend is escalated by a cyber democracy that blossoms on exaggerated freedoms that include politics attached to personal liberation and warped online ideologies. According to Stuart, the media sources reveal ambiguous meanings and messages that communicate a larger picture when describing the gender norms in the 21st century (Hall 54). America leads in this endeavor by reconstructing scandals and politics around advertisements with the use of political figures such as Sarah Palin and Hilary Clinton. Other prominent personalities who have featured in this race of reconstructing gender norms entail Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. The idea of gender norms is also evident in advertising through the assessment of complex structures that are echoed in different media forums. This is supported by a media system that focuses on the maximization of production through the increase of ads that are sexually stimulating and with mixed innuendos. Such orientation was notable when Kennedy’s handsomeness was given much spotlight in his presidential debate with Nixon in the 60s. The media hype was also observed in Sarah Palin’s offer for a porn movie at $1 million and as an advertising strategy of promoting the Republican’s political fortunes and thus furthering the issue of gender norms. It means the media contributes largely to the representation of heterosexuality as a channel of garnering viewership and sales while also grabbing political attention to sway undecided voters.

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