Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Development of Adult Education. It needs to be at least 1500 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Development of Adult Education. It needs to be at least 1500 words. Development of Adult Education

He defined that educational learning that is reflective in nature was better obtained through meaningful experiments. On the other hand, the development psychology theory defines that adult are psychologically not the same to normal post-adolescent college students. Therefore, it is pertinent that the theories of Erikson, Havighurst, Kolhberg, Gilligan, Magolda and Bronfenbrenner be taken into consideration while dealing with adults. Ultimately, the theory of critical learning has it that sociological analysis of education holds that learning institutions are considered hazardous to the social life of individuals. Most of the people who go to school usually end up oppressed, and this is worsened in the case of an adult amidst teenagers. In this process, the adult are tough so that they may bring new changes to the society through a transformational model engineered by Lindeman.

The above three theories explained are crucial in the process of understanding adult development. Based on cross theory, adult learners employ both formal and informal system of learning, in which they face serious predicaments. These issues are usually addressed by the CAL model, which is essential in linguistics. It has also been identified that dealing with adults largely depends how they passed the eight psychological stages of development proposed by Erikson (44). According to him, all the stages are crucial since they either impact an individual positively or negatively. The 8 stages range from toddler to late adulthood. Say during the life course of an individual, school age, one underwent an extremely hard time making him or she ingrains a negative attitude in oneself on education. For such a person, it will be hard for him, or her, to successfully undergo adulthood education. This is because the individual will continue suffering the effects of what he or she pass, anytime the word education comes across. This will not be the case for an individual who never had problems during school age. he or she will be ready to learn because he has a positive attitude toward education. For adults to learn appropriately, a rather close relationship should be developed between them and their teachers. Through this, they will be able to share different experiences that they underwent through their learning process. This will make it easier for the teacher to assist them whenever necessary. Both teachers and learners should understand that, for the process of learning to be successful, a proper balancing between the needs for the learner and that of the learning process should be balanced appropriately. The famous Pedagogy wrote by Freire had it that there should be a mutual relationship between student, teacher and the society. In the light to the above ideology, it was discovered that since the oppression in schools is majorly contribute by teachers, thy also have the power to make schools a better place. With the creation of a conducive atmosphere, many adult and normal students will find it easy to learn, since there will be better co-operation.

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