Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Community Assessment of Somers Point, NJ. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Community Assessment of Somers Point, NJ. It needs to be at least 1000 words. While the United States Average age is as per the last time was 35. 3 in the last census, Somers Point City had a median age of 38.4. In terms of age distribution in the city, there were up to 8,899 people who were above the age of 18 year. This figure represented an estimated 76.6% of the city’s population. This percentage was slightly above the national average that stood at 74.3% (Census.gov, 2013). The percentage number of people of 65 years and above was 15.1%. Again, this was higher figure when compared to the national average of 12.4%. In terms of racial composition of the city, the last census had placed the whites at 78.8%, African Americans at 0.25% and Native Americans at 3.1%. Other races such as the Asians, Pacific Islander and other races were placed at 0.06%, 4.17% and 3.025 respectively. The statistics are expected to vary with each census conducted. Again one may be able to compare the population distribution statistics with the national averages which place African Americans at 12.3% and Hispanic population at 6% (Census.gov, 2013). A comparison with state population would reveal some little differences where New Jersey State was at 8,864,590 as at the year 2012. This figure was arrived at by factoring in the 0.8% state increase in population to the 2010 census. The racial makeup in the state of New Jersey was 68.8% whites, a figure lower by 10% when compared to Somers Point City. African Americans in the state were 13.7% in the state, Native Americans at 0.3% and Asians at 8.3%. Other races made up 6.4% while an unclassified group and illegal immigrants were 2.7% and 17.7% respectively (Census.gov, 2013). Education profile in the city reveals that there are 84.2% of high school graduates or higher. This translates to 6,812 people while the number of people with Bachelor degree or higher in Somers Point stand at 1,601. This figure translates to 19.8% of the population. This is below the national average, which as per the last census was 24.4%. However, one may observe that the City’s median house hold income of $42,222 is slightly above the national median household income which was $41,994. Another socio-economic issue worth noting is that the number of families living below the poverty line in Somers Point City was 147 or approximately 5% of the population (Census.gov, 2013). In terms of life expectancy, the state of New Jersey is 81.94. The national rate is 81.17. In Atlantic County, male life expectancy is 74.5. At the state level, male life expectancy is 77.80 and 76.20 at the national level. Female have the highest life expectancy with Atlantic County being at 79.9 while the state life expectancy is 82.20. Female life expectancy at the national level is 81.30. Currently, access to health is improving throughout the state. This is especially after the passing of regulations to make healthcare affordable. Even so, the exact statistics are not immediately available. Even so, one would easily observe that the 5% that constitutes those living below the poverty lines as well as the illegal immigrants constitute the group that is hardest hit in terms of being able to afford health care (World Life Expectancy, 2011). 2.

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