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Clara Anne Lim



Palm Foot Mouth Disease: An understanding

Hand Feet Mouth Disease: An Overview

Table of Material

1 . Introduction2

2 . What HFMD is2

2 . 1 . Definition2

2 . 2 . Victims2

2 . three or more. Symptoms2

2 . 4. Impact2

3. Just how it is spread3

4. Treatment and Prevention3

5. Conclusion3

6. References4

1 . Introduction

This survey discusses what Hand, Feet and Mouth Disease (HFMD) is, how it is propagate as well as the precautions one should decide to try avoid getting HFMD. There are recurrent breakouts of HFMD over the last number of years and comparable outbreaks of HFMD have occurred in areas, namely in Brunei and Sarawak. Inside the recent outbreak in 03 this year, the amount of HMFD circumstances in Singapore reached a peak of 785 cases a week. With the recurrent episodes of HFMD in Singapore and the location, and the possibly serious associated with the disease, especially on children, the Ministry of Health (MOH) offers tightened the guidelines for the procedures pertaining to the administration of HFMD in child care centres in Singapore. In fact , HFMD is one of 35 ‘notifiable' disorders, which means that standard physicians, polyclinics and clinics have to advise MOH about every circumstance of HFMD. Owing to difficulties impact HFMD has on public well-being, this survey serves to highlight several important aspects of HFMD and is submitted to Dr Mark Lim, lecturer of Public Health (PH) at Dover Polytechnic, in partial fulfilment of the PH LEVEL module. 2 . What HFMD is

a few. 1 . Description

HFMD is identified as Hand, Ft ., and Oral cavity Disease. It really is caused by intestinal tract viruses, with Coxsackie malware and Enterovirus-71 being the most frequent. Out of the 85 different traces of HFMD, enterovirus-71 is considered the most infective. three or more. 2 . Patients

HFMD influences both adults and children although it is quite commonly located to assail children beneath the age of 10 years old. Anyone is at risk of being infected...

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