ESPN – Case Questions

1 . Describe ESPN's business design and style (product-market breadth and depth). Identify and describe it is assets distinctive capabilities. installment payments on your Critically evaluate ESPN's brand leveraging projects. In other words, how has the ESPN brand that means evolved (broadened) through stretching the brand into new groups? What are the advantages of product development through sub-branding (associating new brands/products with ESPN)? What are the hazards for ESPN and its new brands related to brand plug-ins? 3. Evaluate ESPN's technique for building solid brands. Quite simply, how they have built strong sub-brands and/or new brands? 4. Illustrate ESPN's market targeting and positioning strategies in an time of mass media fragmentation, regarding media classes (e. g., the Internet) and market segmentation? a few. Discuss the benefits and issues of ESPN's cell phone opportunity.


Placing - the act of designing you can actually offerings and image in order that it occupies a distinct and respected place in the point customer's brain relative to competitive choices. ”

Methods for Setting:


1 . Feature – Bounty paper towels – more moisture resistant than competitors 2 . Price/Quality – Marriott (high-end), Fairfield Inn & Suites (value brand by Marriott) several. Use or application – Gatorade. The brand name is used in colaboration with sports or other using up exercises. four. Product customer – Abercrombie and fitch france is for a, sexy, person (perceived or perhaps desired image). 5. Merchandise class (category) – " I aren't believe it's not butter” is positioned with the butter category to associate the superior buttery style relative to different margarine brands. 6. Competition – Subway is the healthier alternative to McDonalds 7. Feelings – Under Armour is the aggressive, identified, slightly agitated/hostile brand of sportswear.


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