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Reliability and Network Design Pitch for the - anong balak natin ilagay dito? Holy Angels' College (Bulacan), Inc.


In Partial Satisfaction

Of the Requirements for the Degree of

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology


Michelle G. Alcantara

Dorothy Joy. G. Suarez

Rommel M. Prada Jr.

Jessica B. Robert

Aldous Emerson S. Gonda

Jansen Paul J. Reyes

Engr. Noemi P. Reyes

Subject Trainer

March 2013


The scholars would like to exhibit their profound gratitude firstly to Goodness Almighty that without Him, this work would not provided, for His grace, perception and economic blessings.

You want to say thanks to our father and mother, the school officer Mrs. Carmina G. Vanidad for her endorsement to be all their client, the pc teacher Mister. Melchor Colomer who aided us in their computer clinical, to our good friends and classmates who motivated us, Also to our dear Lord intended for giving us strength to this work.

dedication-prada and jessica wheres your dedication

To my groupmates and parents of each of the members of the group, sacrificing their time and profit a productive way in which each individuals will gain something. Something that is not just a grade indicate but friendship. These are almost all dedicated to everybody.

Michelle G. Alcantara

This kind of Networking Project is adoringly dedicated to each of our respective parents who have been the constant supply of inspiration in this project They may have given all of us the drive and willpower to deal with any process with passion and dedication. Without their love and support this kind of project would not have been permitted. I would like to acknowledge the inspirational instructions and guidance of Noemi P. Reyes. also this project is usually dedicated to my buddies who has been great source of motivation and inspiration. and offer each of our regards and blessings for all of those whom supported us in any respect through the completion of the project. Finally, this thesis is specialized in all those who believe in the richness of learning

Rommel M. Prada Jr.

To my family and fellow groupmates, who patiently understand what we are doing. To get believing that people would succeed and for motivating each other. Thank you for all you would. This operate is specialized in them.

Dorothy Joy Deb. Suarez


Jessica B. Lolo

This is for my children who've recently been supporting me since right away. I've been inspired simply by my parents who unconditionally provides me with love. I might love to dedicate this job to all my enemies who are always saying I would fail. This is for all of the people with been backing me up when facing tough times. Not only that I want to commit all of this to Lord who kindly encompass me of folks that gave of strength to carry on.

Aldous Emerson S. Gonda

To my parents, who ever present for the past 18 years and making my entire life worth living. This operate was a determination for them because without mother and father Im not in this location on how I actually luckily surpass this kind of system. Thank you Dad and mom, I will often be with you, I enjoy you.

Jansen Paul J. Reyes

executive summary - wala pa tayo dun.

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Provide an describe of your eye-sight for the project. In brief describe the customer existing network and the complications encountered. The benefits that you will provide for the client. The implementation prepare and economical goals.

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1 ) 1 Report on Current Infrastructure

Websites will be of good assistance to companies both equally big and small, to promote their products and services through-out the world with the aid of the internet. By the use of websites, the possible buyers and consumers will have an easier and faster time in looking at and examining whether they would avail a particular product or perhaps try the services of a certain organization. It will also end up being an...