Eghosa Okojie

Mrs. Moore

Contemporary Literature

doze October 2014


Parents have many different methods of teaching and disciplining their kids. Tiger Mom is very strict. Her strategies taught her kids hard way. Many agree and disagree with being rigid on kids. I feel just like you are able to instruct your kids life lessons to make sure that they go on succeed and train their kids, then you are doing it right. Then simply Parents make an effort to teach their kids so that when on their own, they will succeed.               � The Tiger Mom parenting technique is regarded as very stringent. Chua producing Sophia practice the keyboard for six hours was quite tough. I believe practice makes perfect but that may be over executing it. Sophia and Lulu got it very hard. Lulu got second place on her multiplication time test and was forced to practice for hours. Chua wants her kids to get great, this process I feel as if she didn't show them his passion that they required. Chua taught hard work. The girl showed her kids that to be a lot better than everyone else you need to work harder.

Wang Lung also desired best for his children. This individual did what you should make that so his kids survive. I agree even more with how wag lung raised his kids. This individual used more respect and honor along with his kids. Wang Lung enrollment his kids in school and didn't sell off his daughter to slavery like he could have. Wang Lung centered on how hard job pays off, and I feel like which is main point out teach your children. He educated honesty and discipline. If the kids took the beef Wang Chest didn't just let that slide he made sure they did not something like that again.

Developing up my dad was a many more strict after that my mom. Being stringent is alright to a certain stage. I think I am more relaxed of a father or mother. I feel by doing this my kids will be able to talk to me regarding anything, and open up to my opinion about their problems. This way right now there wouldn't be mch conflict. I would present my kids admiration and exclusive chance as Wang Lung would but not because harsh while Chua performed. I will make my...


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