Terry Leone

Per. 2

During history, hispanics have been removed of rights and privileges by the majority because of a perception of superiority from the bulk. Two types of these groups are the women who participated inside the Suffrage movement and the Photography equipment Americans who were part of the city rights movement of the 50's and 60's. While android movements distributed similar desired goals and used similar methods to achieve these kinds of goals, both the movements experienced many dissimilarities between them in their actions and just how they attained their desired goals.

The Civil rights activity in the 50's and sixties shared many similar desired goals and strategies with the women's suffrage movements of the 1800's and early 1900s. One example is equally had audio system and influential figures of both movements give messages to throughout the movement. Various would accumulate to hear somebody like Susan B Anthony speak within the hardship your woman faces due to the fact that she is a lady (Doc. 1). This is just like the way that numerous would gather to hear messages from Dr . Martin Luther King Junior. during the detrimental rights movement. Another likeness that the Detrimental Rights Movements shares while using Suffrage activity is that equally would maintain peaceful marche to further obtain their point across in front of large audiences (Doc. 3b). It is shown inside the document that woman marched with indicators showing for what reason they needed suffrage. The ultimate similarities the fact that two moves share is usually their identical goals, the Civil Privileges movements sought equality intended for African People in america, while the Avis movement desired equality for girls, the goal of the two was to achieve equality for a certain minority group.

During your time on st. kitts were a large number of similarities between two movements, there were also many dissimilarities. One of the major variations was that inside the Civil Rights movement, Africa Americans are not just seeking the right to have your vote, they searched for to gain the essential rights they felt every person deserved, the sought to finally not be considered as blacks, but to have everybody be considered as...