Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses evidence of language production models through experiment.

Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses evidence of language production models through experiment. As such, I shall use different experiments to exhibit the significance of the models in language production. The focus of the essay will be on the evaluation of the language production models and the impact of the whole process in learning and understanding. The process of language acquisition and production is dependent on the learning and processing environment developed by the students or learners. However, the learning process is dependent on the environment and the classroom settings.

The model by Levelt and Block analyzes the level of processing by creating a four level of processing. Message level is the first level. Under this level the main idea to be passed across is generated.

Functional level is the second level of the process and involves a two level tier. Lexical selection stage is the first stage of the process and it involves the interpretation of conceptual representation is changed into a lexical representation.

The lexical representation is called lemma and refers is the syntactical but not phonological properties of the word. The properties of the words are evaluated used in understanding of the syntactical issues associated with the words. There are intensive arguments and empirical evidence that can be used in distinguishing between the two levels of lexical representation. The distinction between lexeme and lemma provide a natural account for the existence of homonyms. Homonyms can be defined as words that are phonologically and orthographically identical but differ in meaning or the grammatical class. Therefore the identification of the two words is not on the level of lexical form because they are identical, but it is on the level of semantic and syntactic properties.

The understanding of the various lexical issues that affect the society in the language production as addressed by Levelt is restricted to the two lexical levels addressed.

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