Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses the wondrous life of oscar wao by junot diaz how trujillo relates to the historical context in this novel or how yunior repres.

Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses the wondrous life of oscar wao by junot diaz how trujillo relates to the historical context in this novel or how yunior repres. This paper will focus on the analysis of the relation of the historical context of the story as told by the narrator Yunior with the real history of the Dominican Republic under the dictatorship of the cruel Trujillo. Brief Summary and Historical Context The novel is a mixture of modern and historical time of a fictional Dominican family during and after the historical accounts of Trujillo’s regime. The novel has two primary settings—in the US and the Dominican Republic and the story was plotted with a lot of flashbacks, and then back to the present or vice versa. In the first few chapters of the novel, the characters were introduced, starting with the main character Oscar. Oscar is a sci-fi nerd in school, and he hardly has any friends. He has a sister named Lola who loves him and is concerned about him all the time. The story centers in Oscar’s need for love and affection from girls he admires and he continues to fail. He is also being bullied a lot in school by his classmates, and even the other nerds in school do not get along fine with him. This is similar to racism in the Dominican Republic back in the reign of Trujillo where Haitians occupying some parts of the DR were killed mercilessly because they are black (Danticat 10). Going back to Oscar’s time, being a nerd sci-fi writer does not give a positive impression from a lot of girls. He meets a line of girls throughout the story, and he is heartbroken many times. He later meets a friend in the person of Yunior who advises him on what to carry out in order to be noticed by girls. He tries to exercise and change his aura, and soon meets another girl whom he admires so much. He became so in love that when he realised the girl does not love him back, he attempts suicide by jumping off a bridge. This scene is similar to the time when Turillo was assassinated and his son plotted revenge against the perpetrators by capturing, torturing, and killing them. Some of the captives committed suicide out of hopelessness and misery (Ornes, 330). Oscar feels defeated in a love war and wants let go of dear life, but he survives and Lola takes good care of him. He continues living his life at school and girls still ignore him. Lola, on the other hand, rebels against their mother Beli and is sent to the DR under the care of La Inca where the history of the family begun. The curse being talked about in the story is explained in chapter three of the novel where Beli’s (Oscar’s mother) story is highlighted. Beli was also a love addict back in her puberty stage. She was not that attractive, but when she got a bit older, she begun to develop a very voluptuous body that attracted many boys at school. She even got the attention of her long time crush, who eventually became her boyfriend. However, she was not treated with much respect by the boy. She eventually left school and looked for a job. She landed as a waitress in a restaurant where she met a friend who brought her to a nightclub where she enjoyed dancing. She then met a guy, and from then on, her life started to become complicated. When she got pregnant, she learned that the boy was married to a Trujillo. The boy told her to abort the child, but she refused.

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