Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses tectonic work on troppo and glen murcutt.

Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses tectonic work on troppo and glen murcutt. Tectonics was developed in response to a discussion set by Phenomenology. The idea was mainly used as a means for criticizing the modern technology. Tectonic architecture forms parables to other building constructions, and corresponds to values other than a scientific conceptual sphere. Tectonic architecture uses techniques of bearing structure to develop associations and Experiences1. Tectonics of industrial production and cultural Mass-production has led to building culture giving reputation to general standards and homogeneity to satisfy the final customer. With the computer era, the Computers have changed the means of working with building projects and architecture during the past. Troppo and Glen Murcutt are two architects whose work has been based on tectonic designs and one cannot fail to admit that they have some of the most outstanding designs from this form of architecture. Murcutt tectonic architecture Glenn Murcutt is one of the most famous people when it comes to the study of architect designs on the tectonic platform. One cannot fail to recognize the talent bestowed upon him from his designs. One of his early designs in the late 1980’s that intrigues me by its simplicity yet remains to be an explicit design is the “Ball-East away House”, at Glenore, Sydney2. This was a single story house with a beam platform. The house was made entirely out of steel frame with its side walls having timber. This is considered to be one of the greatest buildings to be ever designed in its time. An ordinary individual may fail to see the beauty behind the designed, but as architecture, every inch of the house designs is superb. Glenn had tectonics design in mind when he took his time to design the house. To begin with, Glenn has always had a tradition of using lightweight materials that would allow the design to come out alive. This is because lightweight materials are easy to bend to fit the design. Glenn uses corrugated iron sheet roof top because it would be easier to form the curved roof structure. This aside he uses wood for the walls and floor because wood is light and easier to deal with as opposed to concrete, bricks or stones. Tectonics is all about merging ideas. Glenn constructs a modern design in a rural area and to ensure that the house is safe from natural forces such as water, the floor is raised and made of wood. In this design, Murcutt manages to blend in myriad details that make the final product a wonderful piece of art. This was a very nice building. Another of Glenn’s greatest tectonic designs of all times is that of the Magney house. This is one of the buildings that he explores the use of mass as an option based on the landscape. Murcutt has always used lightweight materials because they are very easy to work with and they create space even on very small lands. However, in the Magney house, he needed to create some caving and that made the use of mass necessary because they are larger. Their size gives room for play as opposed to thin materials. Glenn takes pleasure in playing with mass and light weight. In the Magney house he creates the cave by using mass for the walls and uses steel frame for the roof plane. This creates the sense of a floating roof3. In the sitting room, Glenn purposes the house for shelter and prospect by making it abstracted. He uses a parasol roof with clustered spaces taking the form of caves and a stretched plain flour.

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