Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses history is primarily for understanding the past.

Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses history is primarily for understanding the past.

The president in a surprising show of humility hand wrote a letter to Anna’s history professor and one of those in the forefront in criticizing him for his remarks, on the subject expressing regret for any offense taken. He nevertheless restated that he was speaking with respect to the viability of engineering in the job market over art history not on which was the inherently “better” course of study. While this argument was amicably resolved, it brought to light an older dispute on how different the two subjects are, and what role exactly does each plays in the general state of human affairs.

One of the common suppositions derived from this argument is the statement suggesting, “The historian’s task is to understand the past while the human scientist, by contrast, is looking to change the future.” The objective of this paper is to discuss the extent to which this thesis statement is true and this will be done by comparing and contrasting the various functional characteristics of each. History is essentially the study of retrospective events dating from as recently as the previous day to the ancient and antiquated eras.

Scientists on the other hand try to understand and transform the world through technology and knowledge tools.Ideally, the statement is both correct and incorrect based on the argument one chooses to apply in the discourse. for one, how true is the assumption that history is primarily for understanding the past? Overtly this would appear to be true since often historians study past events and concern themselves with investigating and confirming historical information through a variety of techniques including scientific ones such as Carbon dating (Kanazawa 351).

For example, an archaeologist may start with a theory that the ancient Greeks and Celts interacted at some point in history, they will then try to prove this theory by carrying out empirical research into the evidence left by both civilizations such as manuscripts pottery weapons, or bronze work, etc, to show a connection. In addition, they may also seek to disapprove theories through studying historical documents and trying to discover inconsistencies in historical information by&nbsp.comparing and contrasting different accounts of history.

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