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From: Ken Dilger


Particular date: 1/22/2012

Lso are: Employee Lawsuit

In 1964 Congress passed a Civil Rights regulation that outlawed major forms for elegance against Photography equipment Americans and ladies. One of the major top features of this rules was Subject VII which prohibits discrimination by organisations on the basis of race, color, faith, sex or national origins. Title VII of the City Rights Take action of l964 prohibits employers from discerning against persons because of their religious beliefs in selecting, firing, and other terms and conditions of employment. The basic principles of Subject VII are that organisations may not take care of employees more or less favorably because of their religion and employees can not be required to participate or keep from participating in a religious activity as a condition of work.

In Title VII, employers must reasonably accommodate its employee's religious values and techniques unless accomplishing this would make an excessive hardship around the employer. A fair accommodation is one that gets rid of the employee's conflict among his religious practices and work requirements and that will not cause a great undue hardship for the employer (Rel, 2011). These accommodations range from the worker needing per day for their O Sabbath day, wanting to wear religious garb to job or having flexible lifestyles to accommodate spiritual Holidays. When an employee requests an accommodation company may not merely refuse to accomplish that. If the demand is certainly not in welfare of the business because it would result in an undue hardship, the employer must prove the undue hardship that the organization would get. An excessive hardship towards the company might include nearly anything other than nominal cost to allow for the religious practice by the employee.

Company Response

My suggestion on how to respond is that it had been never each of our intent to build a workplace environment so intolerable that our employees would give up. If the employee thought that the...

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