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The Saudi Arabian construction industry registered a compound gross annual growth level (CAGR) of 6. 94% during the review period (2008–2012). Industry growth was maintained the government's initiatives to remodel the country by an oil-based economy to a single more reliant on making and solutions. This led to significant investments in infrastructure advancement, which favorably affected other markets on the market. Population progress and a greater in non reusable income likewise increased the demand

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for household, commercial and institutional buildings. The market is expected to record a forecast-period (2012–2017) CAGR of a few. 54%, motivated by an increase in government expenses on infrastructure construction.

Search Full Record with TOC: This report supplies detailed market analysis, data and observations into the Saudi Arabian construction industry including:

п‚· The Saudi Arabian construction industry's growth potential customers by marketplace, project type and kind of construction activity

п‚· Analysis of equipment, material and assistance costs throughout each task type within just Saudi Arabia

п‚· Critical insight into the impact of industry developments and concerns, and the hazards and options they show participants inside the Saudi Arabian construction sector


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Check out Analysis Statement: Opportunity

This statement provides a complete analysis with the construction industry in Saudi Arabia. It provides:

п‚· Historical (2008-2012) and prediction (2013-2017) values of the structure industry in Saudi Arabia using construction outcome and value-add methods п‚· Segmentation simply by sector (commercial, industrial, system, institutional and residential) and by project type



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Crucial highlights

 According to the Central Department of Statistics and Information, Saudi Arabia's inhabitants increased via 28. 4 million in 2011 to 30. 2 mil in 2012, joining an annual regarding 2 . 9%. This growth was substantially lower than the very last fiveyear (2008–2012) average price of 3. 2%, as the birth price (per you, 000) decreased from 3. 6 in 2007 to 21. eight in 2012. The gender division of the inhabitants remains skewed, with males accounting to get 55% from the total populace and females accounting for forty five. 0%. In accordance to UN estimates, Saudi Arabia's inhabitants is expected to reach thirty-three. 5 million by 2020.

 The unemployment level averaged by 5. 37% during 2009–2012, but droped to 5. 1% in 2013. The decrease has been caused by government plans in early 2013, aimed at minimizing the number of not skilled expatriates inside the labor force, which will initially recently had an adverse influence on sectors that were dependent on that form of labor. However , it has resulted in several individuals having the capacity to find jobs. Timetric desires this structure, along with the general economic overall performance, to bring the unemployment rate down to 4. 9% simply by 2017.


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Table of Contents

1 Executive Summary

2 Market Overview

2 . 1 The Domestic Economy

2 . 2 Key Styles and Problems

2 . a few Key Development Indicators

several Commercial Development

3. 1 Performance Outlook

3. 2 Key Trends and Issues

3. several Data and Project Shows

4 Professional Construction

4. 1 Overall performance Outlook

5. 2 Important Trends and Issues

your five

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5 System Construction

a few. 1 Overall performance Outlook

your five. 2 Essential Trends and Issues

5. 3 Info and Project Highlights

6 Institutional Building

6. 1 Performance Outlook

6. two Key Styles and Concerns

6. three or more Data and Project Illustrates

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