Community Health Medical Reflection

Nancy Jelyn Engelhardt-Parales


September 27, 2012

Amy Weaver

Community Well being Nursing Reflection

Community wellness nursing practice aims to boost community overall health by advertising a much healthier group of people, persons, families, and residents within the community. The goal is always to maintain, preserve, and showcase health by providing information, education, teachings, and health care companies to the populace. The focus is on the communautaire good from the population by provision of health providers to individuals, people, and citizens of the community. The effect of working on persons, families, aggregates, organizations or perhaps institutions within the community can be promoting within health of its inhabitant, which consequently affect the complete community foule. Role of Community Overall health Nursing in Community

Inside the participating family's community, the city health healthcare professionals are key players in helping residents help to make informed options about their health. Nurses function as educators, teachers, and vital sources of info on how to maintain your families and community maintain and maintain a normal lifestyle. They supply preventive well being services, just like vaccinations, blood pressure checks, and maternal daycare. The community features classes several types of health promotion and prevention topics two times a month for local community centers for new mothers, infection control, avoidance of disorders through immunizations, and other related topics, such as proper body system mechanics and prevention of injuries at your workplace and residence. The nurses serve as advocates for health issues and issues the family members have and present a total report to Well being Board applying data from assessments carried out and generate recommendations for concours or ideal plans consonant to the traditions, structure, position, competency, and common attributes of the members. Important considerations, such as increase in number of young...

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