Case Analyze – ASSISTS, Condoms, and Carnival

INDICATE 4325-002

The fall of 12, 2014

Group: Seong-eung Lee, Patricia Ortiz Mucino, Monica Mocho, Brittni Manley. 1 . Touch upon the Brazilian and Of india government's approaches for the prevention of AIDS via the promoting of condoms. The approaches that the Brazilian government features implemented in order to avoid and overcome AIDS with the marketing of condoms had been beyond good. Chequer, a Health Ministry official stated the Health Ministry would use $300 , 000, 000 next year, distributing medicine and 250million condoms and getting AIDS recognition campaigns towards the urban slums, where the disease is most uncontrolled. Brazil understands how important it is to combat this pandemic and the importance of doing it as soon as possible. Half a million Brazilians are afflicted with HELPS and millions more are in high risk of contracting this. Our group believes an extremely smart go forward the part of the Brazilian federal government is to assault the problem more aggressively during the country's twelve-monthly Carnival because it is considered a time of improved sexual activity. The ministry not simply distributes an incredible number of condoms during that month although also offers free of charge advice approach prevent the pass on of Helps with areas like Rio de Janeiro's sambadrome, where bare-breasted dancing ladies attract an incredible number of spectators annually. Brazil is actually a predominantly Catholic country however in order to succeed in protecting against this disease one can not be cowardly, 20 million condoms are given aside every month and one of the main focuses on of this strategy are the ladies and gentleman from the night. A really valuable asset that Brazil counts on is the volunteers; regarding 500 non profit organizations and voluntary groups devoted to AIDS. One other strategy Brazil uses is usually drug treatment without cost even though the costs are extremely excessive, regardless, the us government says that inaction can be more expensive. The government is actually saving cash implanting these kinds of strategies when compared to costs that could...


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