Product 1 Presentation 2: What are the fundamental characteristics of a constitutional government? В·In what methods does constitutional government suggest limited govt? В·Describe in least three provisions of the Constitution offering a means of preventing the abuse or misuse of presidency power. Clarify how these types of provisions operate our system of presidency today. The basic characteristics of the constitutional authorities contain of a written record which determines the rules, privileges, and principles of the authorities. These features are the business of person rights, federalism, higher legislation, separation of powers, and checks and balances. The establishment of most these rules, rights, and principles are generally an important feature towards the constitutional government since they all from the Constitution. They all are very important with regards to making up the Constitution plus the government. A constitutional govt is a limited government through separation of powers and checks and balances. Separating powers can be described as primary approach of endorsing constitutional or perhaps limited govt by ensuring that no one individual branch provides excessive power that can be mistreated, it includes three twigs, legislative, judicial, and exec branch. These branches were put forth to ensure that no one branch has more electric power than the other, thus, controls. Federalism is the power distributed between the says and the nationwide government. This kind of limits the government by sharing its power amongst the says so it would not be a tyrannical government.

One provision of the Metabolic rate that provides a way of protecting against the maltreatment or improper use of government power is checks and balances. Checks and balances give a limit on each part and its forces by separating the legislative branch to a bicameral legislature which consists of a Senate and a House of Representatives, the executive department which the president appoints justice of the Best...


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