Adrienne Rich's composition Living In Sin is a totally free verse composition about a woman's fairy tale think of marriage compared to reality with the sin of not adoring each other. The main topic of the poem is a woman starting a life of hope and happiness in a perfect relationship only to the true truth of the romance. The loudspeaker of the composition observes the girl life because sad and boring making use of the past tight versus the present, and short run on lines that set the unattainable mood of the poem. Symbolism and colourful language is also used to describe the disappointed relationship over the poem. Residing in Sin displays a women's life without rhyme in four meaningful images and since the develop changes the lady sees the relationship/marriage your woman expected plus the relationship as it actually is.

In the first place the loudspeaker uses run-on lines, earlier tense and tone to illustrate the first picture. " She had thought the facilities would continue to keep itself... " shows that at first of the romantic relationship she imagined a mythic marriage just like Cinderella. There is no jobs, no dusting, everything would be a perfect marriage. The use of past tense means she is considering what is certainly not. The lines are also brief and jumpy making everything sound impossible. The next series, Half heresy... the loudspeaker comes back to the present tense in the leaky tap, noise and dirty glass windows. The mood then adjustments again and she paints a pretty picture of her home with fruit and happiness available, a keyboard with an expensive shawl, and a cat as a nice pet. The short, choppy run using lines makes the woman's existence appear impossible and sick and tired of doing this day after day.

The next photo the loudspeaker speaks about is the meal from the previous night. By using the earlier tense once again, Not that at five.... shows the of a romantic dinner that never was. The poem looses this imagery together with the sound from the milkman rising her as the chilly morning dawns only to destroy her illusion dream of the frustration for cleaning up from the night before. The...


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