Joan T. Suarez

What is POETRY….

Poetry is actually a patterned kind of verbal or perhaps written

manifestation of concepts in centered, imaginative, and

rhythmical conditions that often contain the elements of

feeling, sound, and structure. It can be considered the most ancient

literary contact form.

Poetry provides implied meaning/s which is/are evoked

inside the carefully selected words. It is usually considered as

one of the most difficult and many sophisticated of literally

genres. One of its specific characteristics is the fact it is

in brief written but it really suggests many connotation. Since

compared to additional literally forms, it is more musical.

Elements of Poetry

A. Sense with the Poem

1 ) Denotation vs . Connotation

DENOTATION - is the dictionary which means of

the term while MEANING is the advised or

intended meaning/s linked to the word

further than its book definition.

2 .

IMAGERY -- is the make use of sensory information

that charm to one or maybe more of the five senses:

view, hearing, feel, taste, and smell. They are

otherwise generally known as " feelings of head. ”



used for detailed effect in order to

convey ideas or thoughts which are certainly not

literally true but conveys some truth

beyond the literal level.


Happen to be specific devices or a sort of

figurative vocabulary that uses words,

terms, and phrases in a non-literal definition but , rather, gives meanings in abstractions

Types of Numbers of



Rappel is a reference point in a function of literature to

a personality, a place, or a situation coming from history,

literary works, the Bible, mythology, scientific event,

character, or place.

I picture myself as a result, 

my personal fearless navigator, as you scribe: 

Antonio Pigafetta annotating

the progress of our trip inside

the Trinidad, the sturdy galleon

of our newfangled love. 

-Ralph Semino Galan, " You Name”

b. ANTHESIS is a screen of phrases or


It is virtually sea nevertheless dry such as a


That's forgotten compassion

-Mike Maniquiz, " lahar on My Mind”

c. BRUIT is a great address to an

inanimate target, an idea or a person

who is absent/long lifeless.

For what had been you prior to birth of

the daystar

O my

heart where had been you for the reason that deep and

darkest nighttime? 

-Leonides Benesa " Fragments: The

Desert of God


HYPERBOLE is usually an hyperbole

used to express strong feelings, to

please make sure, or to evoke humor.

This heat, I mutter

melting, melted ; melted, molten melt every bones

-Merlie M. Alunan, " Young Man within a


e. IRONY is known as a contrast or discrepancy

among appearance and reality.

Not is guy aware of unkind

flight of your time; for, believed it gives

him life

it truly is dragging him near his grave. 

-Juan sobre Atayde, " The Man”

f. LITOTES - is actually a deliberate whining

used to prove by negating its


Even in the plain dress, 

I find him not at all displeasing. 


g. METAPHOR - implies comparison

instead of a direct affirmation and that

equates two apparently unlike things or


Forgive these kinds of words that love impart

And pleading, bare the poet's breast; 

Of course, if a increased which thorns thou skill, 

But on my breast that rose my relax. 

-Fernando Maramag, " Rural Maid”


h. METONOMY - may be the use of one particular word to

stand for a related term or replacement of

word that relates to the one thing or person to

end up being named pertaining to the identity itself.

To express that the crown will have a great heir

Is usually to assume a new life, a fresh beginning

(the crown substitutes for the term majesty,

full, queen, as well as the like)


i. ONOMATOPOEIA - may be the use of

word/phrase that actually imitates or

suggests the sound of what it


And early night, like croaking

of the frogs, evoking storage lost. 

-Ralph Semino Galan " Cartanella”

m. OXYMORON - is piecing together two

opposing ideas in one statement.

It really is futile to ask for guidance or


through this unmappable panorama, the

history and scene of our ending


-Francis M. Santos, " Strum and...


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